What is a recruiter looking for when asking “why should I hire you”?

“Why should i hire you?” It is a question that, at first glance, seems tricky. Without a doubt, it can be one of the most challenging moments during a job interview.

It is not that there is an infallible formula, but that the attitude and preparation you have for the occasion will help you pass the test by being in a job selection process.

Here we will give you the recommendations that will help you answer this question. Once that issue is resolved, you will see how the rest will unfold more naturally and calmly on the day of the interview.

What is a recruiter looking for when asking “why should I hire you”?

The reasons for asking this may vary depending on the recruiter, but in general, what he is looking for is that you help him check what he intuits about your qualities. It is also an opportunity to review the pros and cons that you have as an applicant.

Also, viewed in-depth, this question may be good for spotting false information on a resume, because the answer may reveal the absence of alleged experiences or skills that have been noted on the resume. Obviously, this is not a fixed rule, since it is also possible that the nerves of the interview affect the response of the interviewees.

For this reason, and to help you answer this question successfully, we list the 4 common mistakes you should avoid.

1. Unknown the seal of your personal brand

If the concept of the personal brand seems foreign to you to start with  , don’t worry. After this brief definition, you will know what it is and the reasons why not knowing the seal of your personal brand can lead you to fail in the recruitment process.

The personal brand is basically reduced to the series of attributes, qualities and strengths that constitute you as a potential worker. It also highlights the elements that make you different.

In a world full of specialized people, you need something to help you stand out from the crowd. Although it sounds strange, sometimes what sets you apart is not so much related to your professional or work knowledge, but to a quality of the personal sphere or a skill that you acquired during leisure or fun activity.

Do a little work focused on personal branding or creating your personal brand. The consultant Gustavo Adamovsky gives you some keys to differentiate yourself and know yourself as a professional:

2. Unknown company

If not knowing yourself represents a failure, ignoring the company that is interviewing you can lead you into the abyss when difficult questions arise.

Whether it’s a small business or a big name industry, knowing about history, successes, and mistakes can help you highlight your qualities or use your work experiences in your favor. Why? If you are not only an expert in your personal brand, but you also know the company well, you will know where your skills and strengths converge with their needs.

3. Don’t take the time to prepare your answer

Although this point seems obvious, it is not. But what is taking the time to answer this or other questions?

You need to use enough time to think about the reasons that make you a candidate that everyone wants to hire. Start by answering these questions:

  1. What distinguishes that company? In which of your qualities do you have a superior performance? If it is a software company that has great technical and customer service, and you are passionate about customer service, then there is an attractive convergence point for the recruiter.
  2. What can you contribute? Take your strengths towards something concrete: design a more efficient care process, guide a team towards results … Depending on the profile of the position and your experience, you will be able to offer attractive solutions and contributions.
  3. How can you reflect trust? Analyze how you project confidence in a speech. Practicing in front of the mirror can work! Observe your movements and the way you express yourself. Show yourself as someone who trusts himself and, at the same time, who is trustworthy. Get inspired by the following video from communication expert Sebastián Lora:
4. Disregarding your soft skills

More than a mistake, this is a point that will help you stand out and that you can consider once you have worked on the previous points. Perhaps it turns out that the hallmark of your personal brand is focused on soft skills or interpersonal skills . If this is the case, you may find this point redundant. But if not, you should pay attention to this aspect to improve the answer you give to this and other questions in the interview. }

If you’re wondering why these skills need to be discussed, you may want to know that 73% of recruiters consider teamwork to be one of the most decisive interpersonal skills when selecting a candidate. Other of the most valued soft skills are the ability to resolve conflicts (65%) and the ability to communicate efficiently (58%). Thus, you need to find out what your outstanding skills are and make a list. It will be enough for you to detect 3-5 elements.

Now that you have analyzed the 4 mistakes to avoid when answering this question, we have a bonus! We have selected 3 phrases that can help you to overcome the question with confidence (because, although there is no one correct answer, there are phrases that are better than others).

3 sentences to answer “Why should we hire you”

1. «Because I have the appropriate experience and training for the vacancy»

Thanks to this phrase you will transmit confidence in your training and your professional career. It will not help if you say it with a cocky attitude, but if you communicate it in a serene way, you will surely make a good impression for the security and determination you will project.

In addition, it speaks well of your ability to analyze and research when looking for a job: you do not apply to jobs without knowing the needs of the company or the position you are applying for; you are there because you know that you match what they are looking for.

2. “I think the company has a lot to offer me”

This is another phrase that can help, especially if you think that you do not have so much experience for the vacancy for which you are applying, but you know that you have the appropriate training. Far from saying it as a strategy to flatter the firm or company, it is a phrase that can give you points in favor if you really feel convinced that the company is a place where you could put your knowledge and skills into practice, as well as learn new stuff.

3. «Because I really want to learn and I like challenges»

A more daring alternative to the previous sentence is this third option. If the company or vacancy seems to go a little beyond your experience or training, but you think that work can lead you to discover new experiences and different ways of working (and you are willing to face these changes), saying this phrase may be something really meaningful.

Not only are you kindly telling them that the vacancy will demand of you, but you are also making it clear to them that you have all the will and momentum to give yourself up to the adventure of work.

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