WhatsApp versus Telegram versus Signal: A Detailed Comparison of Features and Privacy

As of now, WhatsApp is the biggest informing administration on the planet with more than 2 billion month to month dynamic clients. Following that, Telegram represents 400 million and Signal stands at a ballpark of 10-20 million month to month dynamic clients. Taking a gander at the crude numbers, plainly WhatsApp is uncontrollably mainstream and practically pervasive while Telegram is making up for lost time and Signal appears to have recently joined the million downloads race. Having said that, numbers don’t reveal to you everything and that is the reason we present to you a nitty gritty correlation between WhatsApp versus Telegram versus Signal. In this article, we thoroughly investigate the security models of each of the three informing administrations and furthermore take a gander at their unmistakable highlights. Presently with all that stated, we should experience the article and discover who wins this round.

WhatsApp versus Telegram versus Signal: A Rundown

1. Security

Prior to anything, I might want in the first place security first as it’s the most begging to be proven wrong and quarrelsome subject among the three informing administrations. So how about we start off with WhatsApp’s security model first in this fight against Telegram and Signal.


As we as a whole know, WhatsApp is start to finish encoded and it’s one of the significant informing administrations to bring E2E to the majority. Furthermore, best of all, the encryption is empowered naturally and stretches out to all types of correspondence on WhatsApp, be it messages, sound or video calls, and WhatsApp Web. Having said that, you would be in for an unexpected when you find that WhatsApp utilizes the encryption convention created by Open Whisper Systems — the organization behind Signal dispatcher.

The cryptographic convention has been named as the Signal convention and it’s totally open-source. Further, the convention has been peer-checked on by numerous security specialists and it’s utilized in other informing administrations excessively, for example, Skype and Facebook Messenger for discretionary mystery visits.

whatsapp Security WhatsApp versus Telegram versus Signal

Aside from that, on the client’s side, WhatsApp now offers a local application storage which is incredible. Next, you additionally have the alternative to empower 2FA on WhatsApp and that is again praiseworthy. That being stated, remember, WhatsApp doesn’t encode the reinforcement records (either neighborhood or cloud reinforcements).

Additionally, it doesn’t encode the metadata which is utilized to convey correspondence between two endpoints. This is one of the significant reactions of WhatsApp’s security model. While metadata doesn’t permit anybody to peruse your messages, it tells specialists whom and when you informed somebody and for to what extent. Anyway, undoubtedly, WhatsApp is all around watched with start to finish encryption and truly surpasses a large portion of the contenders.


Coming to Telegram, there have been significant reactions around its security model. While Telegram is showcased as a start to finish informing administration, the truth of the matter is that E2E encryption isn’t empowered of course. Just on the off chance that you utilize the “Mystery Chat” alternative then your messages will be transmitted through start to finish encryption. Which means messages must be decoded on the customer’s side. For typical discussions on Telegram, the messages are not E2E encoded, rather, it utilizes customer server encryption during travel and very still.

It implies that the messages are scrambled on your gadget and afterward they are unscrambled on Telegram’s server. Once more, the messages are scrambled on the server and sent to the beneficiary’s gadget for conclusive unscrambling. As should be obvious, in this procedure, Telegram has the encryption keys on the server-side and can, in principle, get to your ordinary visits.

Message security

Other than that, Telegram utilizes its restrictive encryption convention (called MTProto) which is a state of significant concern. Security scientists accept that utilizing an attempted and tried convention like Signal convention is a superior and unmistakably progressively secure approach to execute encryption. Also, MTProto is shut source so nobody can review and examine Telegram’s server-side code.

Going to the client’s side of things, Telegram bunches don’t bolster E2E encryption since Secret talk is just implied for singular clients. Other than that, in the event that you utilize the work area customer of Telegram on Windows or Linux, at that point you can’t utilize Secret Chat. macOS clients are secured however. Having said that, the great part is that Telegram offers an inherent password lock alongside two-advance check.


Signal is by a wide margin the best with regards to securing client protection and it’s miles in front of both WhatsApp and Telegram. As referenced above, Signal uses the open-source Signal Protocol to actualize start to finish encryption. What’s more, much the same as WhatsApp, the E2E encryption covers all types of correspondence on Signal.

While WhatsApp scrambles messages and calls (and that is sufficient for most clients), Signal goes above and beyond and encodes the metadata as well. So as to shield client protection from all corners, Signal conceived another approach to impart between the sender and the beneficiary and it’s called Sealed Sender. Essentially, with Sealed Sender, nobody will have the option to know — not Signal — who is informing whom, which is astonishing.

signal security WhatsApp versus Telegram versus Signal

Likewise, you have some unfathomable protection includes on Signal that is going to make your informing experience much increasingly private and secure. For example, you can bolt Signal with a password or biometrics. At that point there is 2FA and a choice to square screen captures inside the application and the ongoing screen. What’s more, as of late Signal added another component to obscure faces consequently before sending pictures. That is cool, correct?

Also, Signal as a matter of course scrambles all the nearby documents with a 4-digit passphrase. What’s more, in the event that you need to make a scrambled neighborhood reinforcement, at that point you can do that too. With everything taken into account, regarding security and protection insurance, Signal stands head and shoulder above WhatsApp and Telegram and that make it the most secure informing application between the three.

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