What is Digital marketing and what are its different types?

Hello friend, I bring you this post for those enterprising people who are starting their business and want their business to be in the world of online marketing. Therefore, I will introduce you to some concepts that are relevant to take into account for our foray into online advertising.

What is the digital marketing?

The concept of Digital Marketing emerged in the mid-1990s, with the emergence of the first electronic stores (amazon, dell, others).

Marketing is the art of persuasion. It is also the science that combines the emotional management of social needs and the creation of economic value in a sustained way.

Ana García Oliveros

Digital marketing is the application of marketing strategies carried out in digital media. All the techniques of the offline world are imitated and translated into a new world, the online world .

Digital marketing has been the game and aspirations of the brand combined with customer expectations.

It is important to note that Digital Marketing is a complement to Traditional Marketing, not a substitute.

Marketing Types

1.-Relationship Marketing:

It is a way of creating a close and lasting relationship with the client, which allows to build loyalty and maximize the profitability of clients over time. The ideal is to create a customer database that includes email, cell phone, birthdays and other important data to learn more about the customer.

The idea is to humanize the business because we should not only see the numbers, behind those numbers are the people. That is why the Email Marketing technique is important.

Email Marketing is the massive sending of emails to a certain group of contacts through the inbox of their emails, in order to promote a message. Doing this type of email marketing campaign is a means of online communication and direct marketing. In the Email Marketing technique, there are two forms: newsletters and mails.

a.- Newsletters: Sending newsletters by email is the best way to maintain a stable long-term relationship with current contacts and potential customers, these people are interested in the brand or your product because they have previously subscribed with the object to receive information by mail.

b.- Mailing: it is a format more than anything of publicity, which is used mainly to promote services and products of a brand. This information is sent to massive databases not owned by the brand.

2.-Attention Marketing:

It consists of applying a series of strategies for dealing with the client, that is, knowing how to treat the client, how you will identify him at the beginning (partner, client, user, friend) what your policies are, knowing with what words you are going to fire him .
You must have greetings, pseudonyms and farewells, clearly identified and clearly deal with the client.

3.-Loyalty Marketing:

They are the strategies that are applied in the company in order to focus on the growth and retention of existing customers, through incentives and promotions. It is not about selling, we must go beyond selling. Keep it in mind at all times, make details regarding your personal life where the brand is humanized. This will create loyal customers to our company and the brand.

4.-Promotion Marketing:

It consists of a series of techniques and actions to transmit information between the seller and potential buyers in order to influence their attitudes and behaviors. The main purpose of the promotion is to offer the customer a reward for the purchase or acquisition of a product or service in the short term, which generates an increase in sales.

There should be no yoista in the market, there must be smart promotions, competitions for customers. There are algorithm changes where comments are more important than instagram likes. The surveys have excellent results on twitter. In other words, customer participation is the main thing because our business depends on them.

5.-Content Marketing:

It is everything we publish without selling, we give, we offer to our clients. You give value to your content for nothing, for example when promoting a tutorial to make a cake. Generally, people do not, but they do take the information to contact you. Without plan there is no paradise:

It’s not about the quantity of content, but the quality of the content.
It is not about how much time is spent designing, but rather analyzing the actions we will take.

.-Type of content.
.-Who is the content for?
.-For what purpose do we generate this content.
.-What are the results we expect.

Who has not heard the phrase “content is king” many times , this is perhaps one of the most frequently used phrases in marketing and despite being very hackneyed it is totally true.

Content Marketing or Content Marketing: it is one of the essential elements to take into account in any communication strategy, which consists of creating content that attracts the attention of the different segments of the public that you want to captivate through the website or on social media and turn them into customers. Content Marketing is a technique that is part of Inbound Marketing, techniques to attract potential customers to our messages, instead of going to look for them using techniques such as advertising.

Inbound Marketing is a strategy that is based on attracting potential customers to our messages with quality content, adding value in each of the phases of the buyer’s journey. Your clients must find you through social networks, blogs, website. With this we mean that for example that it is not enough for the customer to enter the page and see, but that we captivate the customer, where they enter the web page, observe, buy and then share because they liked what they bought.

6.-Impulse Marketing:

It is when we invest in the publication of our promotional brand inorganic content. There are several options to increase our reach on social networks, which are very effective: such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If you are a brand, you should not have a personal profile on Facebook, but a fan page. Maybe you ask why not? Well, because when you least expect it facebook can delete all the profiles that are used for commercial purposes or to promote brands, and so you can lose your followers and all the time invested.

We already knew a bit about the types of digital marketing, but for this to work, there must be a product, now let’s talk about it.

What is a Product?

A product in marketing is an object that is offered in a market with the purpose of satisfying the needs or desire of the consumer. In this sense, the product exceeds its own physical condition and incorporates what the consumer can intuit from the purchase (symbolic, psychological characteristics, others). The non-material product, on the other hand, is called a service. For example a computer and a modem are products; Internet connection is a service.

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