How to get more subscribers on YouTube?

You have been told that video is very important to your online business and that you have to be there generating visual content, especially if your business is focused on teaching. But … how to get subscribers on YouTube?

Before I go into detail on these ten proven ways to achieve this, I want to explain why. Why is it interesting to have subscribers on YouTube?

  • First, because if you subscribe and activate the notifications, a notice of your content will reach your email. And you are generating an email marketing list without having an email marketing manager.
  • Second, because a subscriber is someone who is already showing interest in your content, a very important first intention for you. He is not a client – yet – but he is someone who has somehow validated the quality of your videos and tells you that he wants to know more about that topic. At the very least, it’s someone you could try to establish a relationship with. Yes, I am talking about medium / long term networking. That, as we have seen here, is one of the pillars for your business to work.

We have already spoken on the blog about the importance of the content of your videos and the metadata associated with each of your video productions to position your videos on YouTube . So I will not dwell on it again today. But be very clear that it is the basis of everything.

Without good videos, your bounce rate will skyrocket and you’ll be wasting your time.

If you go to YouTube Wikia, you can see who are the most popular YouTubers by the content of the moment. It is always good to see within your sector who are the most powerful to observe how they do it.

In the TOP we can also see that video games, music and humor are the contents that most like on YouTube. Even so, that does not mean that your specific niche or your theme does not have followers, calm down!

Whatever your sector, if it has an audience outside of YouTube, I assure you that it has the possibility of having subscribers. Do you want to know how? I tell you right now.

How to get more subscribers on YouTube?


It is very important to show your face on your YouTube channel, even more if you want to get subscribers. Be yourself. People are not looking for a superhero. Just ordinary people wanting to share interesting things. The same happens if it reaches your channel and finds nothing but the default Youtube logo. It will take a terrible impression that you don’t take time to work on your content.

So prepare the arrival of the viewer to your channel: put a header that shows what you do, link your social networks and your blog, use an appealing and keyword description in the channel description, saying what you do and what content you show. Put together a trailer for the channel aimed at your target audience.

The person who comes to your channel does not know what it is about and literally in five seconds they have to know that that channel is for them. Convince him at a glance.

In the same way that the “About me” page is the most visited of a blog, on the YouTube channel it is triumphant that you put your origin story in the trailer. The story helps to highlight your channel above others, encourages the viewer to empathize with you and, therefore, is much more likely to see more videos. Ask at the end of the trailer to subscribe to the channel and activate the notifications.


This is one of the most conflictive tactics because you have surely read everywhere that YouTube rewards the publication of regular content.

And yes, publishing new videos regularly in accordance with SEO is good when you have less than a thousand subscribers, but once you pass the 1000 barrier, things change, because more than 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every day, so you should focus in making amazing videos rather than posting every week.

If you publish a very, very good video once a month, your channel will have more followers than if you publish much less worked content every week.

Audience retention is a factor that YouTube takes into account when showing your videos to viewers. Audience retention is a ranking factor in the super important search engine.


Audience retention is the percentage of the video that people watch. If you post a two-minute video and people only watch one minute of that video, your retention is 50%.

The higher it is, the more visits you will get because the more the search engine will show it. And visits on YouTube is usually synonymous with more subscribers.


Just as important is that you try to encourage participation in the conversations from the video itself: ask direct questions to the people so that they leave comments by answering below (YouTube likes people to participate), that they like the video if the content seemed good to them, and remind them that if they subscribe to your channel and activate the notifications they will never lose one of your videos again.

You will have to reply to all the comments and also moderate the conversations if necessary. A basic work of moderation and attention, which shows that you take care of the people who interact with you on your channel. When the creator takes the time to interact with his community, the audience participation is greater and you generate more fans. Even a simple “like” or an emoji is enough sometimes.

Views, comments and good ratings directly impact the ranking of your videos on the result page of YouTube … and Google. With which, really, it compensates the effort to achieve a good participation.


You can also optimize your most prominent videos and the ways in which they appear on your cover.

Here your job will be to try to show the best content or at least the ones that usually generate more responses or more clicks among the people who visit you. Use the statistics because there you will see the traffic that is generated thanks to the searches on YouTube and the videos that give you the best results. It is likely that by following this same editorial line you will be able to upload visits. Put those videos in playlists on the main page of the channel.


Use the “end screen” feature to link to the next video. If you can make a person watch more than one video, it is very likely that they will subscribe. There is 10-20 seconds at the end of your video to include a final screen. Include the title of the following video in the thumbnail, so that it encourages the viewer to click on the topic.

If a video motivates the viewer to see more, it will have a better ranking on YouTube (and, therefore, on Google).

If you are developing a series of videos, for example, on Instagram, and you have 7 recordings, it is interesting that at the end of each one you put a link to the next video, so that an internal navigation is generated on YouTube and have a clear call to action to continue browsing and watching the rest of your videos.

The result will be a noticeable improvement in the reproductions of the set of videos of the entire series.


YouTube also allows you to broadcast on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram from the video uploader itself .

It is something that you can activate at once from your own channel. But do not forget to create an expectation in networks. Let me know when you have published and posted several times (especially on twitter, which is a content eater) that you have published content on the channel.

It seems obvious but don’t forget either that your blog is a great source of reproductions. 25% of the reproductions of our channel come from the blog. Embed your videos in your blog posts, that will increase the views of the videos and also the time spent on your blog page, which is one of the factors that Google takes into account to position the posts.


Also if you wish it is possible to advertise on YouTube, with which your video will appear as promoted on the front pages of the search results pages.

The other advertising format that you have are overlay ads , that is, advertising over a video when it is playing. I assure you that the click rates are very high in this format.


Another idea that you can carry out to promote your channel is to comment on videos of other people on your subject. Don’t do it trying to promote. There is nothing more hated than “I leave you here my channel in case you are interested”, but rather always making valuable contributions to the conversation. Choose videos that are recent and popular, since this way you can send traffic to your own channel.

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