Frozen paint every so often looks like cottage cheese after it thaws.

Now that the classes for the children are over, it is usual for them to get bored at home without doing anything and on top of that we will get on our nerves if they become very active. That is why it is advisable to try to teach them some crafts that keep them entertained for a while as well as do some exercise with them.

But let’s go by parts. A summer craft for children, both for them and for them is, without a doubt, painting. Everyone likes it and today we are going to teach you how to do it in a more original way. How? It’s easy, trying to make it freeze.

The first thing you should do is put a bucket of water in the freezer . When it takes half an hour or so take it out and stick some sticks in it so that they can be caught later. Let them freeze completely and you will have your brush.

When you take them out remember that they are frozen and will run out soon , so don’t take them out at once. Have the paint ready in containers where the ice cube can get wet and the next thing is, on a piece of paper, start painting. Surely they will be amazed that they have an ice cube as a brush and, since the paint with water will be diluted, better than better. How can fun be so much more fun and abstract?

Another variant is to use frozen finger paint, that is, instead of water cubes, let it be finger paint although, in that case, I recommend that you dilute it with a little water to make it look better.

If you do not have that type of paint you can use food coloring with the water in the cubes creating brushes of different colors. Can you imagine when I take the red, yellow, blue …?

The high summer temperatures invite us to look for refreshing and entertaining activities. Here we give you 4 simple but very fun games to enjoy these hot days.

  • Materials:  Transparent glasses, hopefully plastic, small toy and food coloring (optional).
  • How ?:  Fill the glasses with water to at least half (the more water the more difficult and the game lasts), then put a toy in each glass and a few drops of dye if they want. Leave in the freezer until the water is completely frozen.
  • Objectives:  Through this game you can work on thinking by inviting children to think and try solutions to get the toy out of the ice. They can brainstorm and write down possible solutions and then test them and see what worked best.

This sensory game proposal was a complete success at home. On one of our nature outings, we collected flowers of different colors and shapes . To freeze them I used an ice bucket. In each compartment I placed a couple of flowers and covered them with water. Easy isn’t it?

Once they were frozen, I presented the proposal on the experiment table . In a tray I included dyed water and empty glasses. In the other a mace, tweezers and pipettes.

Experimentation is served. It only remains to observe and enjoy the game that is created. The transfers, games with the clamp, concoctions and soups will be the protagonists.

Another version similar to the previous one, is to freeze the flowers and leaves in larger containers, of different shapes, thus creating more compact and larger ice blocks. If you have an idea, I used tuppers and a freezer bag.

The effect of frozen flowers is really beautiful . When I proposed this activity we did not have the light table yet. But its effect on her also has to be magical. We can offer water to facilitate thawing, pipettes or magnifying glasses, to observe the thawing process up close …

With this proposal we can preserve the flowers we pick in the spring and continue playing with nature without limits. If you need more ideas with game proposals with elements of nature, you may be interested in this free ebook.

When you suspect of freezing, you likely think of your pipes, outdoor taps and vegetation, however those cans of saved paint to your garage or shed also can freeze while the temperature dips. Freezing often ruins paint because it impacts the consistency, making it unusable. But occasionally you could salvage that old can of frozen paint without any long-time period effects at the consistency.

Thawing Frozen Paint
Before you may decide if the consistency is off, you need to slowly thaw the paint. The first-rate way to do that is to deliver the can inside at room temperature and wait. It’s tempting to seize a hairdryer, space heater or some other supply of heat to speed up the method, however a sluggish thaw is your exceptional danger at salvaging the paint. This technique may take numerous hours depending on how complete the can of paint is. Put an antique towel or numerous sheets of newspaper beneath the paint can to shield your ground.

Checking the Paint
Stir the paint well once it is completely thawed. You can also take the can to a paint shop to be shaken. The first take a look at is a visual check of the consistency of the paint. You might note at once that it’s ruined. Frozen paint every so often looks like cottage cheese after it thaws. You can also notice clumps in the paint or a stringy, ropey texture. If you do not be aware whatever apparent, investigate the paint a bit in the direction of search for graininess.

The subsequent test is without a doubt the usage of the paint. Grab a paintbrush and make some passes on a piece of paper or a scrap piece of timber. Notice how well the paint is going on. Check the painted section to look for lumps, seen grains or different inconsistencies within the end.

If the whole lot seems ordinary, the paint need to be fine to use in your challenge. It need to have a regular color and texture it’s the same as it becomes earlier than freezing. If anything is off, it is great to discard the paint.


What is mean by harvesting in the farm? Explain in detail

It called harvest to the act of collecting the fruits provided by the earth , usually obtained from crops . The term also refers to the season in which said harvesting is carried out, the products that are collected and the set of fruits .

For example: “Next week the harvest will begin throughout the valley” , “At harvest time there are many job opportunities in this area” , “The tomato harvest was very good thanks to the excellent weather conditions of the last months” .

The idea of ​​harvest refers to rural work that involves the collection of fruits, vegetables, seeds or other products that are used by man as food or otherwise. The harvest, which can be done manually or with the help of machinery, is carried out when these products have reached maturity.

Harvesting usually includes other tasks besides harvesting, such as cleaning the fruits, sorting them, and storing or packaging them so that they can be sent to the places of sale.

Typically, the owners of the fields analyze what is the best time of the year to plant and what is the favorable period to harvest, using the characteristics of the climate to optimize productivity and quality. In any case, there are unpredictable factors (such as floods, droughts, frosts, etc.) that can affect crops.

People who live in rural areas or have a large garden often harvest fruits and vegetables for their own consumption, something that saves them money while allowing them to get closer to nature in a way that is increasingly lost. in modern societies. As tempting as it may seem to have a garden at home, the process is slow and often hopeless, depending on the characteristics of the land and the climate .

The attitude that should reign in anyone who wants to embark on this activity is patience. This is especially necessary if we are interested in fruit trees: while the orchard usually gives results in a few months, from the moment we plant a tree until we can obtain the first satisfactory harvest it can take several years.

In any case, each species has its own deadlines, so it is also important to inform yourself before starting to draw up a plan for the future. For example, berry bushes and fig trees typically produce a harvest from two to three years, long before most others, which can take more than five. Throughout the development stage it is recommended to remove the flowers, so that the plant uses all its energy in growth.

Harvest, finally, is what a person achieves as a result of his actions or destiny: “The tennis player’s trophy harvest does not stop: he has already won three tournaments so far this year” , “For many years I studied and I worked incessantly, now is the time to enjoy the harvest ” .

Just as it happens in the field of agriculture, it is said that “one reaps what one sows”, an expression that refers to the importance of acting with good intentions, based on the principles of morality and honesty, since each step that we give for this life has an impact according to the quality of our actions. This does not mean that we should be fair just for the sake of being treated fairly, since in this way our attitude would not be one of legitimate altruism and respect for our neighbor, but of disguised selfishness.

In agriculture, the harvest is based on the collection of fruits, seeds or vegetables from the fields at the time of year when they are ripe. This term biblically speaks of gathering the harvest of the early and late rains, generally and approximately one month after sowing, also applying to a current interpretation, to dinner invitations. The harvest marks the end of the growth of a season or the end of the cycle of a particular fruit. The term harvesting, in its general use, also includes the actions subsequent to the harvesting of the fruit itself, such as cleaning, sorting and packing the harvest, until its storage and its shipment to the wholesale market or to the consumer.

The timing of planting and harvesting is a critical decision, depending on the balance between possible atmospheric conditions and the degree of maturity of the harvest. Weather conditions such as frost or hot and cold off-season periods can affect production and quality. For example, earlier harvesting can avoid damaging conditions during these periods, but results in a production that is poorer in quantity and quality. Deferring it could result in more quantity and quality, but would make exposure to undesirable weather conditions more likely. In general, hitting the ideal harvest date has its share of gambling.

On smaller farms where mechanization is minimal, harvesting is the most intense manual labor during the harvest season. On large and mechanized farms it is at this time that the heaviest and most sophisticated machinery such as the combine is used.

Preparation of the ground
The first operation to be carried out to ensure that a crop can achieve the best performance is to provide the plants with soil in the best conditions. The objective is to prepare a bed with adequate nutrients and with conditions that allow seed germination and the establishment of the crop for later development. This has been done using traditionally aggressive techniques, such as turning, stubble burning, etc. These, in addition to not being sustainable in the long term, require labor, especially in contexts with low mechanization, becoming a burden for small farmers who have to prepare the ground with basic tools and manually.

FAO promotes alternative forms of land preparation, which seek to reduce the need for labor and the heaviness of work while promoting the sustainability of land preparation. With sustainability in mind, concepts such as reduced tillage and the use of appropriate tools and equipment can contribute to this common goal.

Ground preparation and weeding can be made less cumbersome and less labor-intensive through the use of improved hoes, row planting, the use of subsoilers, harrows, and animal-powered seeders. Single axle tractors can be used with adapted equipment that can be used if the infrastructure and capacities of the farmer are adequate to the context in which socio-economic conditions allow it. Other tasks related to maintaining ground cover can be done using humidifiers and sprayers that greatly limit the task of weeding if used in a minimal or reduced tillage context such as with terraces or conservation agriculture.


Is a quote and an invoice the same? If Not then what the difference between them?

If it were necessary to make an ABC of the concepts that as an entrepreneur you have to handle with ease, that of the difference between budget and invoice would be one that cannot be missed. To start, it is convenient to limit both terms because they are very broad. Now we are interested in their aspect of customer relationship. But, better that we get into the matter now so as not to generate more doubts.

We are faced with two essential documents. One, the budget , because it establishes the base framework of the client/company relationship. The other, the invoice, the one that legally shows that we have paid for that work or product. The budget is neither mandatory nor official, unlike the invoice. However,Both can serve as legal guarantees against possible confrontations, for which they must reflect some key data, even if they have other specific ones:

    • Complete company data (name, address, tax identifier, telephone)
    • Complete customer data
    • Service description
    • Price broken down with and without taxes
    • Payment conditions

The truth is that a proforma resembles, in content, a current invoice. Therefore, it is very likely that in the future you will use this document to create the final invoice.

The usual thing is to add this information:

  • Date of issue.
  • Supplier identification: trade name, CIF, address …
  • Identification of the recipient: commercial name, CIF, address …
  • Description of the operation: concept, quantity, unit price …
  • Taxable base.
  • VAT fee.
  • Total price.

It is often said that a proforma is a document of sale of goods or services without fiscal or accounting validity . Its function is to indicate a purchase transaction to present it, for example to a customer.

This type of document is usually used in three cases:

  1. The proforma invoice is often used in international business operations to document the value of operation or as an offer to sell.
  2. You can issue proforma invoices so that your client documents the details of the product or service that you are requesting. If you reach an agreement, you will only have to convert that proforma invoice into ordinary.
  3. When applying for state subsidies or financing , it can serve as justification and commitment of an investment to be made.

For example: if your client wants to know in detail what the subsequent invoice will include, a proforma is sent to him with all the information broken down so that he is aware of it.

Is a quote and an invoice the same?

No, absolutely not. A budget and an invoice are not the same . From the outset, the budget is presented in the prelude to the relationship with the client, while the invoice is only necessary at the end of the service. Another significant difference is that the budget is a kind of informative note, compared to the invoice, an official document that must comply with strict rules to be valid.

But, this “voluntariness” of the budget does not place you on a lower plane, much less regarding the invoice. First, because well done, it is the best tool to get customers against the competition . Second, because in case of legal claims it will be a determining test, if it is done well, for our defense. Therefore, remember that your budget must include, in addition to the data mentioned in the previous section, a precise detail of the service:

  • What the service contains
  • The way in which it will develop
  • The object of the service
  • The materials to be used
  • Time for which the conditions it reflects are maintained
  • The company and client signature accepting it. This point is irreplaceable because without the signature it is difficult to demonstrate the agreement between the parties, the budget can be seen as mere information, one more offer among all the competition.

Other differences between budget and invoice

We still have to review some details that make a budget and an invoice not the same :

  • The reason. Already in origin, budget and invoice respond to different issues. Typically, the budget is requested by the client expressly to know how you would solve their need. Obviously, you present the invoice to the client to receive payment for the service provided.
  • His, her nature. A budget falls within the classification of sales documents of our company, since it is considered a commercial proposal , very elaborate, detailed and personalized, yes, but a commercial proposal. The invoice, however, is an insurmountable tax requirement, it would be included in the company’s financial documentation.
  • The budget should reflect the price, both by units and by the service as a whole, and breaking down the taxes, but it is not a mandatory data. But, the Treasury does require us to have an invoice for each service that our company has performed. Previously, to issue invoices we must be properly registered.
  • The budgets can be identified internally with a numbering, but it is not precise. However, all our invoices must have a unique and correlative numbering, without breaks neither in numbers nor in dates.

Despite this obvious difference between budget and invoice, they are closely linked and essential tools.

Because both documents have very similar characteristics, some billing programs allow the invoice to be generated automatically through the budget. Discover how to convert the commercial budget into an invoice with Excel once the client has accepted the commercial proposal.

It is also very common to confuse proforma with a budget since, a priori, they have a similar function. However, again, there are differences between one and the other.

The proforma and the budget are two documents that are sent to the client at different stages of the negotiation.

Normally, you start with the budget when the client asks you for information about how you can help them with your products or services. In this case, in addition to the price, you are also making a commercial proposal.

If the client gives the approval to the budget, you can send the proforma to detail everything that has to do with the economic part if they require it. If not, it won’t be necessary.

Let’s say that the process proceeds as follows:

1º- Budget.

2nd-  Proforma invoice.

3º-  Execution of the project/sale of the products.

4º- Invoice.


Best Video calling application which are the best alternative to the famous Skype Application

When thinking about a video chat program, the first name that comes to mind is undoubtedly Skype. This service, born in 2003, is the most widely used application for videoconferencing on the Internet. Regardless of the device used, whether it is a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone, or where the user is, this video call application allows contact with other users. To make video calls you only need a terminal with a camera and a microphone, free Skype software and an Internet connection.

However, there are other free applications for IP telephony (also called Voice over IP or VoIP), which also allow video transmission between parties. Most of these alternatives to Skype are available for free and some even stand out for their benefits and data protection measures, unknown in the case of the veteran application. With this information, it is not surprising that users begin to outnumber mobile telephony. Now what are the alternatives to Skype that are really worth it? Read below the strengths and weaknesses of both Skype and the alternative video call applications that we have selected for you.

As is known, Skype is more than a free IP telephony program; In addition to the possibility of seeing the interlocutors through video broadcasting, the application stands out for a function for conferencing that supports up to 50 Skype accounts participating at the same time.

Skype also has an instant messaging service for the exchange of messages and files that allows you to edit the messages sent or delete them. The screen sharing function allows other users of the application to access the contents of the screen of those with whom they are communicating. With this screen transmission method, you can share images, documents, or presentations with other users. There are Skype client programs for many operating systems (macOS, Windows, Linux) and mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile), although it can also be used as a web application or web app in the browser (Skype for Web).

All the mentioned functions are free, although the parties need to have a Skype account to establish contact. To talk to people who do not yet have a Skype account, since Skype is connected to both the landline and land mobile networks, calls and SMS are paid, usually at a cheaper price, with a purchased credit in advance.

With Microsoft Teams, companies have at their disposal a non-free variant of the application. This has the advantage of

integrating Microsoft 365 and better protect the content of conversations. Data protection in the free version, on the other hand, has often been called into question. Along with the mentioned strengths, the lack of security of user data constitutes the biggest weakness of the free version of Skype, as can be deduced from the list of pros and cons:

free Skype alternatives

First of all, it should be said that many video chat programs raise the same controversies in terms of data protection as Skype, although there are some providers in this sector that are increasingly focused on ensuring the security of communication content. Some services have specialized on their own initiative in the aspect of data protection, while others are increasingly forced, due to growing criticism and public pressure, to create more customer-oriented and user-friendly privacy policies. encryption techniques.

Leaving aside the data protection debate, there are numerous quality alternatives to Skype that stand out for their original and practical features. Let’s see what are the strengths and weaknesses of these programs to make video calls.


Already in advance a new chat tool, Spike captivates especially in the professional sector by helping to make communication in teams, both between its members and external partners, more efficient. To achieve this, among other innovations, developers have revolutionized the visual presentation of email exchange; Incoming and outgoing emails are displayed in the chat format known to us from messaging applications. But this competent collaborative solution also integrates VoIP, making it an alternative to Skype with which to make voice or video calls.

If you are looking for a closer and more direct collaboration with coworkers, Spike’s proposal to convert email into chat messages is a great help, because this way the program leaves out what does not count as content per se. and concentrates on what’s important. But the application further improves cooperation within teams with other options, such as sending files, encrypting messages from the app and managing a centralized calendar.

Spike can be used on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android systems, or also in the browser, free of charge for individuals and in subscription mode per account for professional teams. The good news is that it is not necessary to create a user account, since the application uses the email account that the user already owns.


ICQ was born in 1996 as a mere instant messaging service that became very popular in the 1990s, but which today has seen its number of users drastically reduce. For this reason, ICQ has been developed to become a versatile application with which you can also make video calls, although this function is only available for two user profiles. However, since mid-2016 the platform offers a special feature: the default end-to-end encryption for video chats for Windows, Android, and iOS.

For the rest, this video call application has many similarities with Skype, such as the rate to make calls to mobiles and landlines. Text messaging has not been altered by implementations and continues to perform as it did in the beginning. In general, the functionality of ICQ is quite large. In the past, the application became one of the market leaders as a chat program, but it cannot be said that this will be repeated since the competition already has a great advantage in terms of number of users.


Viber’s features are also very similar to Skype’s .The programMasterfully manages both VoIP telephony with or without image transfer, as well as instant messaging and file transfer. It also allows the realization of the classic calls of payment, but in the videoconferences, only two users can participate. Another of its features is that the service is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS clients.

However, Viber did speak because of the unusual collection of a large number of user data, thus contravening European legislation on data protection. Viber even saved the data of people who were not registered in it. Since 2016, the application includes (apart from calls to landlines and mobiles) end-to-end encryption, whose objective is to guarantee the security of content. Altogether, Viber can be conceived as a highly functional application that, compared to other alternatives to Skype, has a smaller number of users and raises certain doubts regarding data protection.


What is Digital marketing and what are its different types?

Hello friend, I bring you this post for those enterprising people who are starting their business and want their business to be in the world of online marketing. Therefore, I will introduce you to some concepts that are relevant to take into account for our foray into online advertising.

What is the digital marketing?

The concept of Digital Marketing emerged in the mid-1990s, with the emergence of the first electronic stores (amazon, dell, others).

Marketing is the art of persuasion. It is also the science that combines the emotional management of social needs and the creation of economic value in a sustained way.

Ana García Oliveros

Digital marketing is the application of marketing strategies carried out in digital media. All the techniques of the offline world are imitated and translated into a new world, the online world .

Digital marketing has been the game and aspirations of the brand combined with customer expectations.

It is important to note that Digital Marketing is a complement to Traditional Marketing, not a substitute.

Marketing Types

1.-Relationship Marketing:

It is a way of creating a close and lasting relationship with the client, which allows to build loyalty and maximize the profitability of clients over time. The ideal is to create a customer database that includes email, cell phone, birthdays and other important data to learn more about the customer.

The idea is to humanize the business because we should not only see the numbers, behind those numbers are the people. That is why the Email Marketing technique is important.

Email Marketing is the massive sending of emails to a certain group of contacts through the inbox of their emails, in order to promote a message. Doing this type of email marketing campaign is a means of online communication and direct marketing. In the Email Marketing technique, there are two forms: newsletters and mails.

a.- Newsletters: Sending newsletters by email is the best way to maintain a stable long-term relationship with current contacts and potential customers, these people are interested in the brand or your product because they have previously subscribed with the object to receive information by mail.

b.- Mailing: it is a format more than anything of publicity, which is used mainly to promote services and products of a brand. This information is sent to massive databases not owned by the brand.

2.-Attention Marketing:

It consists of applying a series of strategies for dealing with the client, that is, knowing how to treat the client, how you will identify him at the beginning (partner, client, user, friend) what your policies are, knowing with what words you are going to fire him .
You must have greetings, pseudonyms and farewells, clearly identified and clearly deal with the client.

3.-Loyalty Marketing:

They are the strategies that are applied in the company in order to focus on the growth and retention of existing customers, through incentives and promotions. It is not about selling, we must go beyond selling. Keep it in mind at all times, make details regarding your personal life where the brand is humanized. This will create loyal customers to our company and the brand.

4.-Promotion Marketing:

It consists of a series of techniques and actions to transmit information between the seller and potential buyers in order to influence their attitudes and behaviors. The main purpose of the promotion is to offer the customer a reward for the purchase or acquisition of a product or service in the short term, which generates an increase in sales.

There should be no yoista in the market, there must be smart promotions, competitions for customers. There are algorithm changes where comments are more important than instagram likes. The surveys have excellent results on twitter. In other words, customer participation is the main thing because our business depends on them.

5.-Content Marketing:

It is everything we publish without selling, we give, we offer to our clients. You give value to your content for nothing, for example when promoting a tutorial to make a cake. Generally, people do not, but they do take the information to contact you. Without plan there is no paradise:

It’s not about the quantity of content, but the quality of the content.
It is not about how much time is spent designing, but rather analyzing the actions we will take.

.-Type of content.
.-Who is the content for?
.-For what purpose do we generate this content.
.-What are the results we expect.

Who has not heard the phrase “content is king” many times , this is perhaps one of the most frequently used phrases in marketing and despite being very hackneyed it is totally true.

Content Marketing or Content Marketing: it is one of the essential elements to take into account in any communication strategy, which consists of creating content that attracts the attention of the different segments of the public that you want to captivate through the website or on social media and turn them into customers. Content Marketing is a technique that is part of Inbound Marketing, techniques to attract potential customers to our messages, instead of going to look for them using techniques such as advertising.

Inbound Marketing is a strategy that is based on attracting potential customers to our messages with quality content, adding value in each of the phases of the buyer’s journey. Your clients must find you through social networks, blogs, website. With this we mean that for example that it is not enough for the customer to enter the page and see, but that we captivate the customer, where they enter the web page, observe, buy and then share because they liked what they bought.

6.-Impulse Marketing:

It is when we invest in the publication of our promotional brand inorganic content. There are several options to increase our reach on social networks, which are very effective: such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If you are a brand, you should not have a personal profile on Facebook, but a fan page. Maybe you ask why not? Well, because when you least expect it facebook can delete all the profiles that are used for commercial purposes or to promote brands, and so you can lose your followers and all the time invested.

We already knew a bit about the types of digital marketing, but for this to work, there must be a product, now let’s talk about it.

What is a Product?

A product in marketing is an object that is offered in a market with the purpose of satisfying the needs or desire of the consumer. In this sense, the product exceeds its own physical condition and incorporates what the consumer can intuit from the purchase (symbolic, psychological characteristics, others). The non-material product, on the other hand, is called a service. For example a computer and a modem are products; Internet connection is a service.


How Difficult Is It To Close Social Media Accounts And Disconnect?

By José Andrés Ochoa. Annoyed that when I woke up the first thing I did was pick up the phone and spend 20 minutes going down an endless timeline, I decided to close my social media accounts for at least two weeks.

Although the Cambridge Analytica crisis was a sufficient reason to rethink our social presence on the internet, I considered that the data I make public is sufficiently thought-out so as not to compromise my privacy.

However, what I do lose is time . When I try to read, edit a video or photo or even when I want to see a movie, it’s a matter of five minutes before I open a tab again and type in the address (already memorized) of a social network. Or, from the phone, and reloading the application to see the latest, as if in five minutes things had changed too much.

So I began to access the most hidden parts of the configuration of three platforms in which I am most distracted: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I tried to be moderate and refrained from leaving YouTube and, for work, I also kept the professional account.

But it was almost impossible.

The applications:

I thought that the essential and priority was to remove the applications from the phone. Simple. In a way, it was effective, because when unlocking the device and trying to enter an account, the absence of the icon reminded me of my purpose: social disconnection.

But the first problem came. For convenience, several of my accounts on different sites were created based on my Facebook profile . Therefore, when I tried to evade traffic and query Waze, I noticed that my logs, addresses and preferences were in the account that I created from Mark Zuckerberg’s network. First mistake, something I also made with Spotify .

In the same way it happened to me with Goodreads , a site to share reviews and reading progress, which I do not consult so regularly but that does retain relevant details.

To this is added that, for work, sometimes consulting an institutional account or an artist’s profile practically depends on consulting “their” Facebook. To avoid frustration, I reactivated my account two days after closing .

The stories:

Where it was more effective to delete the application was Instagram . Without being blunt, I chose not to deactivate the account and only consult it to see photographs from the website .

In a way it was effective because what consumed my time on that social network the most were the stories, the option to see videos or photos of each of the accounts, a practice clearly copied from Snapchat (which, fortunately, was not easy for me to distance myself , after most of my contacts abandoned it for the convenience of Instagram).

Also, watching stories from the web is tortuous , pushing the RAM of the computer to the limit, especially if done from Google Chrome. The advantage is, on the other hand, that just being able to discreetly see the stories and navigate through the photos, double-clicking the ones you like, it is impossible to upload photos. This restricts the obsession with publishing content and, worse still, being constantly monitored to see the “likes” and comments.

Which led me to think how dependent I can be on social approval, and whether my photos or stories are well received, whether they are popular or not. Without the Instagram app, in part, that pressure is released.

Twitter yes, but …

The social network that was the easiest to get rid of was Twitter. Once disabled, the app is outdated and all you have to do is ignore the urge to “scrutinize” by posts .

For a few months now I have lost the desire to tweet so much. Similar to Instagram, with no content to post, I lose interest in retweets and “likes”.

Still, perhaps the only social network that I really enjoy and find useful is Twitter. I miss the immediacy to find out relevant news or information, and the diversity of opinions seems relevant to me.

Traffic, the political situation, sports results, videos … On Twitter I find a valuable tool. So even though I can break loose easily, I am confident that I can get back to it. Or perhaps it should be a lesson to dispense with the timeline once and for all and rely on other tools to be aware.

My short week-long experiment showed me how dependent I can become on social media, how convenient it is to have it, and how difficult it is to get away from it. Perhaps a phone without an internet connection is ideal, but for now, I’ll try to refrain from unlocking the phone as much. And pay more attention to Netflix movies. At least for more than 10 continuous minutes.

How to remotely log out of your social media accounts?

If you’ve lost a device that’s logged into your social media accounts, a safe way to end that access is to change your password. If you still don’t want to change your password (highly recommended), some social networking sites also make it easy to remotely close sessions with the click of a button.

If you’ve lost a device that’s logged into your social media accounts, a safe way to end that access is to change your password. If you still don’t want to change your password (as advisable as it may be), some social networking sites also allow you to remotely log out of any session at the push of a button.

Other measures to protect your social networks

In addition to remotely ending active sessions, there are many other security measures worth considering, including two-factor authentication, receiving notifications of unknown activities, revoking access to applications, and verifying your social logins.


How to enter data Manually into microsoft Excel sheets cells?

You have several options to enter data manually in Excel. You can enter data in one cell, in multiple cells at once, or on more than one worksheet at a time. The data you enter can be numbers, text, dates or times. You can format this data in various ways. In addition, you can adjust various configuration options to make them easier to enter.

This topic does not explain how to use a data form to enter data into a spreadsheet. For more information about working with data forms, see Add, edit, search, and delete rows with a data form.

Enter text on number in cell
  1. In the spreadsheet, click a cell.
  2. Type the numbers or text you want to enter, and then press Enter or TAB.

    To enter data on a new line within a cell, insert a line break by pressing ALT + enter.

Enter a number with fixed decimal point
  1. On the File tab , click Options .

    Excel 2007 only: Click the Microsoft Office button Office button image , then click Excel Options .

  2. Click Advanced, and then under Editing options , select the Automatically insert a decimal point check box .
  3. In the Decimal places box , enter a positive number for the digits to the right of the decimal point, or a negative number for those to the left of the decimal point.

    For example, if you type 3 in the Decimal places box , and then 2834 in the cell, the value will be 2,834. If you type –3 in the Decimal places box , and then 283 , the value will be 283000.

  4. In the spreadsheet, click in a cell and enter the desired number.

    The data you entered in the cells before selecting the Fixed number of decimals option will not be affected.

    To temporarily override the Fixed Number of Decimals option , type a decimal point when entering the number.

Enter date or time
  1. In the spreadsheet, click a cell.
  2. Enter a date or time as follows:
    • To enter a date, use a slash or hyphen to separate the components; for example, type 09/05/2002 or 5-Sep-2002 .
    • To enter a time based on a 12-hour clock, enter the time followed by a space, and then type a or p after the hour; for example, 9:00 p . Otherwise, Excel will write the time as am

      To enter the current time and date, press Ctrl + Shift +; (semicolon).

  • To enter a date or time that stays current when you reopen a spreadsheet, you can use the TODAY and NOW functions.
  • When you enter a date or time in a cell, they appear in the default date or time format on your PC or in the format applied to the cell before you entered the date or time. The default date or time format is based on the date or time settings in the Regional and Language Options dialog box (Control Panel, Clock, Language, and Region ). If these settings have been modified on your PC, the dates and times of your books that have not been formatted using the Format Cells command are displayed according to this setting.
  • To apply the default date or time format, click the cell that contains the date or time value and press Ctrl + Shift + # or Ctrl + Shift + @.
Enter same data in several cells
  1. Select the cells in which you want to enter the same data. The cells may or may not be adjacent.
  2. In the active cell, type the data and press Ctrl + Enter.

    You can also enter the same data into multiple cells using the fill handle to automatically fill in the data in the cells of the spreadsheets.

Enter the same data in several spreadsheets

By having multiple spreadsheets active at once, you can enter new data or change existing data in one of the spreadsheets; the changes will be applied to the same cells of all selected worksheets.

  1. Click the tab on the first worksheet that contains the data you want to modify. Then hold down the Ctrl key as you click the tabs on the sheets where you want to sync the data.

    Note:  If you don’t see the tab for the spreadsheet you want, click the tab navigation buttons to find the sheet, and then click the appropriate tab. If you still can’t find the tabs for the worksheet you want, you may have to maximize the document window.

  2. In the active worksheet, select the cell or range at which you want to modify existing data or enter new data.
  3. In the active cell, type new data or modify existing data, and then press Enter or TAB to move the selection to the next cell.

    The changes apply to all selected spreadsheets.

  4. Repeat the previous step until you finish entering or modifying data.
  • To cancel a multiple sheet selection, click any unselected sheet. If you cannot see any unselected sheets, right-click the tab for a selected sheet, and then choose Ungroup Sheets .
  • When you enter or modify data, the changes affect all selected worksheets, and you may inadvertently replace data that you did not intend to change. To avoid this, you can view all the spreadsheets at once to identify possible conflicts with the data.
    1. In the Window group on the View tab , click New Window .
    2. Switch to the new window, and then click the spreadsheet you want to view.
    3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each worksheet you want to view.
    4. In the Window group on the View tab , click Arrange All, and then click the option you want.
    5. To view spreadsheets only in the active workbook, in the Arrange Windows dialog box , select the Active workbook windows checkbox.
Modify spreadsheet setting and cell format

There are several configuration parameters in Excel that you can change to make entering data easier. Some changes affect all workbooks, some affect the entire worksheet, and some affect only the specified cells.

Change the direction of the Enter key

If you press TAB to enter data into multiple cells in a row, and then Enter at the end of that row, the selection defaults to the beginning of the next row.

Pressing Enter moves the cell down one cell, while pressing TAB moves the cell one cell to the right. You cannot change the direction of the movement of the TAB key, but you can specify a different direction for the Enter key. If you change this parameter, the entire worksheet, any other open sheets, any other open workbooks, and all new workbooks will be affected.


How to find out the IP address of the Router and enter the router settings?

Many users do not know what the address is used for and therefore we will try to explain it in the simplest possible way. This address is usually the one associated with most of the ADSL, VDSL and FTTH (fiber optic) routers on the market and used at the local network level. Through it we can access the configuration of the equipment and we can configure for example the WiFi network, open the ports, update the firmware or modify any parameter of the configuration.

How to find out the IP address

With the computer connected, run Windows Command Prompt (click on Cortana’s search bar, type CMD and run the application). Once opened you will see a black window in which you must click and type the ipconfig command and touch the enter or enter key. Doing so will show you a series of data and you should look at a specific Gateway . The IP that appears after that section is the one that the router will have associated.

In case you use Mac the process is a little different. To see the IP address associated with the router you must have the Mac connected by cable or WiFi to the router and once this is done, access System Preferences – Network. Once inside, select the connection you use in the left bar and then click on Advanced. Now click on the TCP / IP tab and check the address that appears next to the Router section . Typically, it is or, but if the device has a custom configuration, it may be another.

Steps to access the configuration of your router

Now that you know the IP assigned to your router , you must follow these steps to access the configuration panel and be able to modify any device setting.

  1. On a computer connected to the cable or WiFi router, open your favorite web browser.
  2. Type in the address bar of the browser (or the IP assigned by the router and that you have located in the previous section).
  3. Enter the username and password. If you have never accessed it, it is most likely the one that the operator assigns by default and that you can find in the next section.

Once inside the router, you will be in the configuration interface of the equipment where you can change the ports, wireless security, the name of the WiFi network, update the firmware, do a restart, etc, etc …

Routers default username and password

The most common thing is that your telephone operator provides you with a router when contracting its fiber, cable or ADSL service. In the most current models, it is very common that each team has its own password and that it is present on the team itself on a sticker placed on the bottom or back of the team . With the data printed on the sticker, you can access the configuration without a problem, unless the password has been changed in previous access. In this case you will have to restore the router to the factory state if you do not know the password set to return to the default, that is, the one on the sticker.

On older devices this does not happen. Telephone companies configured all their routers with the same username and password combination. These are the most common of the main operators:

  • Jazztel : advanced / advanced, support / support or root / 12345
  • MásMóvil : masmovil / masmovil or user / user
  • Movistar : administrator / 1234 or 1234/1234
  • Orange : admin / admin
  • Pepephone: 1234/1234
  • Vodafone : vodafone / vodafone or admin / password
  • Yoigo: 1234/1234 or user/user

In addition to the combinations indicated above, others such as: 123/123, admin / 1234 or admin/password are also quite common. If they do not correspond to those indicated in the section of your operator, do not hesitate to try these more generic ones or consult our forums to discover the correct combination that will allow you to access in order to access the router settings or search for information directly in Google.

These default passwords are also quite common on routers that you can buy at any store and are not associated with a specific operator. In this case, if you do not manage to access with any of the aforementioned, do not hesitate to review the instruction manual that comes in the box with the equipment to find out which is the one that the manufacturer has established by default.

Important tips when managing your router

It is essential that you perform a series of actions once you connect to the equipment configuration. Settings that will allow you to improve the security of your network , be it at home, in a small office or in some public place such as a cafeteria or similar.

How to enter the router settings

Before starting with the router configuration, you have to access its control panel. To do this, open a browser and type the address in the address bar. If it is not this, look at or what you have found in the console with ipconfig . Those numbers represent the gateway to the router administrator panel for most operators. Don’t put http or anything, just the numbers that make up the IP.

Entering this address, a window will appear asking you for the username and password of your router to access it. If you have never changed it, look to see the instructions, on a sticker on your router or looking for the model online. In the event that you cannot find it and it is the router of an operator, call that operator to tell you. The username and password are usually dangerously easy, like admin, or 1234 1234.

Once you have done so, you can navigate the configuration page and change all the parameters you want, configuration or security. The design of these pages will depend on the manufacturer, that is, the experience and the situation of the menus may vary.

Now, it’s time to configure your Internet connection Once you have entered the router configuration, it’s time to start making the basic changes to protect your connection and customize it to your liking. You will do it with the steps that we will explain below to change the access credentials, change the name and password of your WiFi network , and a couple of more details to improve its speed and security.


Different tricks to take advantage of the WhatsApp application

It is not easy to get the most out of WhatsApp , and it is that the messaging application can give much more than the average user thinks. However, if you want to learn how to use the application like an expert, you just have to follow some fairly simple tricks. These will allow you, for example, to prevent your contacts from knowing if you have read their messages, stop appearing online or receive messages from that friend who does not leave you alone, and without having to block him. Here are some tips that may be helpful to you.

To prevent them from knowing if I have read the message

You may not want your contacts to know when you use the “app” or have read the messages that have been sent to you. To solve it, open WhatsApp and access the “Settings” menu. Then select the “Account” section and click on “Privacy”. You will see how an option is displayed in which you can read «Read receipts» and, if you deactivate it, the double blue «check» will no longer appear, showing that the message has been seen.

To not go online

There is a method that, without downloading any other application, “hides” that at that moment we have just connected. It is somewhat rudimentary, but it has the advantage of its simplicity. We have to go to ” airplane mode ” (or disable our internet connection) and then open WhatsApp. So we can read the messages without being detected, and even write the reply, which will not be sent until we activate the connection to the network again. Thanks to this, no one will know that we have entered the application.

To not have to read

Do you know that using WhatsApp increases the risk of having a traffic accident by 134%? This is confirmed by a study by the University of Granada (UGR). And, do you know that if you write a message while driving at 120 km / h you are traveling 660 meters blind? This is confirmed by the DGT, which has been warning for years that the mobile phone is the first distraction behind the wheel. The infallible trick for your mobile to reproduce the WhatsApp messages that you receive while driving is the free application ” Reader notifications, SMS, email, messages “, available on Android.

The user must configure the «app» once downloaded, choosing which applications it gives access to. And it is that this application will not only allow your mobile to read aloud the WhatsApp messages you receive, but it can also play Gmail emails or Telegram or Hangouts notifications, among others, even though the car system.

WhatsApp: these are the changes that arrive in September

To not receive messages without blocking it

In WhatsApp it is possible to block messages from a certain contact, but this option causes the receiver to stop receiving certain information such as the last connection time. And of course we avoid being texted.

However, there are times when, for whatever reasons, it is preferable to keep this “heavy” contact close but, apparently, we are ignoring it. The trick is to archive the conversation. To do this, you have to slide the contact window to the left from the chat window. Then the “archive” option will appear. To see the conversation you have to go to “Archived Chats” which is located just below the search function.

To send higher quality photos

This trick only works for devices with the iOS operating system , that is, iPhone. To do this, you have to go through Apple’s “cloud” storage service, iCloud, which saves files with the same quality. Then, you must go to the photo gallery where they are stored, the traditional Reel, and select the image you want to share.

Once chosen it is necessary to open the menu that is displayed and tell it to save in iCloud. After completing this step, you have to open WhatsApp but , instead of clicking to share a photo, go to ” Share document “. This option will allow you to go to iCloud to consult all the files that we have stored in the “cloud”. Then, the photo is selected and it is given to «Send», thus getting the file to be sent as an uncompressed document.

Hide by typing on WhatsApp

There is no way that it does not appear writing on WhatsApp, on its official page, this social network clarifies it, saying the following: There is no option to disable status online or typing

There is also, to this day, no software or application capable of displaying a false message when a person writes or stops writing.

And although applications have previously come out that could somehow hide the message by typing, today they are obsolete. Every time WhatsApp security has new ways to destroy any malicious application that seeks to deceive users.

If you ever find that a person wants to sell you or asks you to install an application to be able to remove and hide the “writing” message, you should give up on the idea, since you could be in danger. Many of these fake applications, the only thing they seek is to infect your mobile terminal or steal your data.

Typing memes on WhatsApp

The “writing” on WhatsApp has been widely taken into account among netizens, who have taken memes showing how stressful waiting for a message is. Then we leave you the best.

Sure there are times when you are too lazy to write to the small keyboard of smartphones the same phrases every day. However, there is a solution that can make typing common words or phrases less expensive. You would like words that you use on a daily basis to be available without writing . Check out the video of TecnoXplora in which we explain how you can create a shortcut to those expressions that are repeated every day.

Everyone writes certain words or phrases to their phone every day. The keyboard is so small that it can be a problem for all those who have big hands, or who simply don’t want to be typing as much as a lazy guy.

It sure happened to you: Your boss sends you a message and you have no choice but to respond. You start typing on the small keyboard of your device and send it inadvertently and without having checked it. Oh, wow! The autocomplete of the mobile phone has put what it wants. Now what?

This is a common mistake that can be easily corrected if we use shortcuts for the most common expressions on your phone. It does not matter that it is an Android or iOS mobile since both allow you to create shortcuts to write.

As at TecnoXplora we are always at your disposal, we have found out the trick so that you can save time when typing with the keyboard of your phone. Updating the most used expressions is very simple and fast. Take a look at the video tutorial and find out how to easily use them.


Everything about Profitable small businesses without investment

If you have arrived here, it is because you are looking for good profitable business ideas  without investment.  I propose a list of 25 concepts that you could start tomorrow. As you can imagine, since it costs little to start this type of activity, you will have to count on your talents to enjoy a competitive advantage over the many other people who already carry out these activities or could start them tomorrow.

You will need knowledge, commercial skills, technical skills, art, ability to sacrifice, endurance … Well, let’s be reasonable: you will not need all these things at the same time, but a large part of them. Remember that we are not talking about easy business , but activities that you can start without investing almost anything. Some ideas are new, others we already mentioned in their time on the blog, but we thought it was worth making a compilation.

Don’t forget that no matter how cheap it is to set up your small business, you will always need minimal tools. I have prepared a list for you that I use daily , in case they serve you too.

1º- Buy wholesale and sell at retail

Modern tools at your disposal, like electronic marketplaces , allow you to buy almost anything at the best price. You can for example visit a website like (which usually has quite a few items at a good price) and see if you could dedicate yourself to selling products at retail. Depending on the type of items you buy and the number of units, the initial investment can be very reasonable. You can also choose other platforms like .

You can also search stocks of liquidating companies to buy heavily discounted products and sell them in units. You can start small, and then reinvest your initial earnings so you can buy more.

2º- Write a blog, one of the best businesses without investment

Creating a blog is undoubtedly an interesting way to start an online business. You will need to have specialized knowledge. Here we recently talked about the possibility of a blog about insurance, and a longer time ago about another about celebrities. Although in reality your own domain does not cost a lot of money (for less than € 100 a year you can have excellent accommodation), you can also start without paying anything, with a free blog.

3º- Insurance brokerage

Are you an expert in the insurance sector? Why don’t you set up your own brokerage? As an intermediary, you will not need a lot of investment, and at first you can set up your office in a room in your house. You will have a lot of competition from other brokerages and you will have to comply with some legal requirements, but if you have a good network of contacts, you can get it.

4º- Being a consultant in your area of ​​expertise

More than an experienced professional, experienced in many battles in the business world, realize that many people could benefit from their knowledge. Some take the step of leaving their salaried job and setting up a specialized consultancy. Ask yourself if you are an expert in something you could monetize, maybe you can be successful as an independent consultant.

5º- Repair of toys

Do you know how to fix almost everything? Do you have electronic knowledge? Why not try to smile back at those children who have damaged their favorite toys? In some places they call those businesses with the poetic name of “toy hospital”. Nowadays that families are not for many expenses, it could be an interesting business. And you only need to know how to do it and few tools.

6º- Personal trainer

If you know everything about physical education or are willing to train, a very promising business is to work as a personal trainer. Some time ago it was an almost exclusive service of the famous, but it is democratizing. And it is that doing sports efficiently and with the right frequency is not so easy. Having the services of a personal trainer for a few weeks is the best way to get serious and not quit.

7º- Boat cleaning

If you live in Madrid, we are sorry, this idea probably will not make you very funny. But since Spain is a maritime country, more than one inhabitant of a coastal city can consider a boat cleaning activity. It is a seasonal business , whose high season begins in the spring. It is about touring the marinas and offering your services to leave the boats clean and ready for use.

8º- Mysterious client

mystery shopper is someone who visits shops incognito, just like a normal consumer, but values ​​the service and attention received. If you have contacts in the quality and marketing sector, you could set up your own Mystery Shopper agency, and start doing the evaluation missions in first person.

9º- Translation agency

Do you perfectly master another language? If you are looking for profitable businesses without investment, why don’t you offer your translation services to companies? An interesting clue is all those online stores that only have a Spanish version and do not take advantage of the full potential of the Internet. In a world where international exchanges are increasingly present, there are many more opportunities for translators, although of course there is also quite a bit of competition.

10º- Make jewelry, another profitable business with little money

If you know how to make necklaces, rings, bracelets and other pieces of jewelry, you should think about selling them. You can follow different marketing strategies, especially organizing sales at friends’ houses and setting up your own website. Here are 7 craft ideas you can make at home to sell.

11º Design and manufacture clothes for fashion stores

Even though independent retail is having a worse time than big chains, there will always be a market for original creations. If you know how to make your own designs, you can choose to draw and make your own models, and then sell them to fashion stores .

12º- Virtual assistant

A fundamental trend of the economy is the outsourcing of non-strategic functions , a phenomenon accentuated in times of crisis. A single person can provide virtual assistant services to many professionals and small companies, with the consequent savings for them.

13º- Turn your hobby into business

Are you a collector? This means that you have most likely learned a lot about the object of your hobby. A good way to start a business with no initial investment is to find and resell collectibles. You will have to learn to differentiate your hobby interest from your business goals, but it can be a very profitable activity.

14º- Sell used products on eBay

Another way to start a business without money is to simply buy and sell second-hand products. For this you can use well-known portals such as eBay, or set up your own online store. Perhaps it is best to start with the first, and once you have contacts and fame, go to your own store. And what can you sell? On the blog we proposed some exotic ideas such as second-hand accordions or sewing machines, but you can do it with almost anything.

15º- Organize events

The organization of events requires a lot of organizational capacity, many contacts, but you can do it with little money. You can think about planning weddings (one of the 10 examples of business plans that we proposed a few weeks ago), birthdays, or business events. It is one of the most interesting profitable businesses without investment for a person with a gift of people and good taste.